Friday, June 25, 2004

International affairs (Video streams)

The first is one my favorite programs on TV, Frontline. The site has about 35 different episodes already online (all new episodes are available online a couple of days after the TV broadcast); each episode has a dedicated webpage with articles, interviews and can completely viewed on high or low bandwidth connections.
All episodes are recommended but 'China in the red' is highly recommended.
(This research paper from Goldman Sachs will go very well with it.)

The second is B-SPAN; the online streaming site for the world bank. Here you can watch very interesting presentations, seminars and roundtables on worldwide economic/development issues. Speakers include Nobel laureates, heads of central banks and others.

The last one for today is SAIS. A large collection of speeches (usually audio streams but some are video too) from heads of states, foreign ministers, ambassadors, senators, professors, etc.
The topic is usually international relations, but you might find other topics too.
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