Tuesday, June 22, 2004


Since my first post was about travel, this one will be about science!

The first link is HowStuffWorks a site that has a large collection of articles explaining everything from Aspirin and Asteroids to Windshield wipers and X-rays. It's targeted to the general public, so it's very simple and easy to read. (One cool note: the company is a few minutes away from here, and,I had the chance to meet the founder Marshall Brain.)

The second resource is The National Science Digital Library a gigantic collection of information, and, links to external websites dealing with science, engineering and mathematics. The navigation is not optimal, but, you can use their search engine to look for audio,video, text and other kinds of media. Also make sure you go to 'collections' and browse the whole collection alphabetically.

Two more websites are from public television in
The UK and here in The US these include a mix of articles, videos (from TV shows) and other interesting material.

Make sure to visit Nova and Scientific American Frontiers.
(You can watch shows online)

The last link, I believe is targeted for Kids it would probably be useful to get them interested in science and engineering.

That's it for now!